Easing the Workload


QA Automation

Automation testing is the best way to ensure that the system doesn’t break the functionality of a program. We have a strong and experienced QA automation testing team. Our frameworks can automatically test mobile apps, do web testing, and automate API testing, which includes SOAP and RESTful APIs.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA is aimed at automating business processes. It is a continuous innovative technology that is used to automate processes done by humans manually. RPA is best utilized for rule-based or repetitive activities.

AAI has leveraged RPA technology to deliver the most valuable reports to our technology clients.

We consider your business needs, quickly review your flow of business, estimate likely ROI, and deploy a rapid proof of concept.

RPA eradicates time consuming processes in the healthcare domain. Follow up claims and payment posting is especially cumbersome work. RPA could easily perform this job by grabbing the essential response data, and placing it into the practice without human interaction, which saves significant time and resources.

Our clients benefit from many of the solutions RPA can provide. A few include:

  • Employee satisfaction and productivity by eliminating repetitive tasks
  • Robots perform at faster speeds with fewer errors 24x7
  • Potential cost savings on regular activities
  • Powerful analytics