IT Application Optimization


Adil Analytics provides platform-as-a-service solutions to ease your app development life cycle. Our PaaS services aim to:

Provide highly available infrastructure

Reduce complexity

Reduce cost

IT Infrastructure Optimization

Desktops connected to the cloud


We help in developing a customized virtualization strategy that delivers the best business results for your company.

We follow a different Virtual Datacenter Lifecycle which includes 5 phases:











By opting into AAI’s Data Center Virtualization, you will benefit from:

  • Cloud-ready infrastructure
  • Dedicated Virtual Server
  • Virtual Server Managed Backup Services
  • Virtual Server Provisioning
  • 24x7 Environment monitored by Operations Center Team

Workforce Optimization

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure hosts an operating system on a centralized server in a data center. Adil Analytics, being a technology partner with HPE and VMWare, provides a solution which can meet the demands of your business. Our solutions also take care of the key challenges with respect to VDI; such as performance, complexity and security.

Our clients are benefited by:

  • 24x7 monitoring and managing services
  • Off-site backups
  • Storage management
  • 0% downtime through load balancing and redundant systems
  • Secure access to applications from anywhere and from any device

Unified communications

We know that your business runs better with unified communications. Our UC teams are experienced in designing and implementing solutions which enable you to improve your employees’ communications at anytime from anywhere, improve productivity, and reduce costs with managing your legacy phone connections.

Ultra-Agile Infrastructure

Data centers have been downgrading for a decade in terms of the transformation process. The digital world continues to impact speed.

We support ultra-agile infrastructure by keeping these key technologies in mind:

  • Virtualization
  • Cloud-based technologies

Our experts are experienced with solutions from simple to complex problems. They rule the domain and can help you to drive success in the data center and in the digital world.

Data center modernization requires organizations to rethink operational and organizational priorities, resulting in changes from economic trends to new technologies. This initiative involves customizing data center strategies according to business plans, regulatory requirements, and skill availability. In other words, it is intended to help you build a cost-effective and agile operation that aligns with your business goals. Data center modernization offers enterprises the opportunity to become more agile while still controlling costs to stay competitive. Data center modernization helps organizations support an agile operation and a mobile workforce.