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International Management

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is essentially the deliverance of computing services over the internet, also known as the cloud. These computing services consist of servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics and more. Companies that offer these computing services are called cloud providers and they typically charge for these cloud computing services based on usage. Some of the things you can do using cloud include:

  •  creating new apps
  •   store, back-up, and recover data
  •   host websites and blogs
  •   stream audio and video files
  •   deliver software on demand
  •   Analyze data for patterns and predictions

Cloud computing has also proven to be very beneficial in many ways. It is highly cost effective; cloud computing eliminates the capital expense of buying hardware and software and setting up and running on-site datacenters. Speed is also an advantage to cloud computing; most cloud computing services provide self service and on demand, so even vast amounts of computing resources can be provisioned in minutes. Another benefit to cloud computing includes the ability to scale elastically. This means, it is able to deliver the right amount of IT resources, such as computing power, storage, bandwidth, right when its needed from the right geographic location.

Security is the inherent and top most priority for us. We at AAI take very seriously in protecting our customers data.

We allow our customers to focus on what they are best at and we would help them with all the cloud solutions

We make your business better with cloud monitoring and optimization.

Leverage our digital workspace to run any app on any device.

Our cloud solutions facilitate to maximize your organization’s profits of cloud computing by accumulating the services and technologies needed for your business.

Data Center Migration

We understand your visibility of migrating the data center without disruption and downtime.

Adil Analytics provides an easy and comprehensive migration path.

Our tools are designed to move your platform from physical to physical, physical to virtual or virtual to virtual with continuous performance and availability.

AWS and Azure


We help in conducting an in-depth analysis of your current system and help you in planning for migration to the AWS cloud. This process involves:

  • On-premise assessment
  • Architecture Design
  • Data configuration
  • Data Migration

Our AWS certified Engineers work with your on-premise Engineers to obtain 100 % SLAs and making sire that they get 24x7 support for any incident reported. We also take care of your OS maintenance and patching.


Other Solutions

Adil Analytics is experienced in IT management for healthcare and public-sector clients.

AAI uses tested DevOps frameworks which includes configuration management, continuous delivery for building infrastructure at a rapid speed. Our Engineers are expertise in automating using AWS CloudFormation, Service Catalog, some of the configuration management tools like Chef, Ansible and Terraform. We also review your business and use suitable AWS services like AWS ECS, Docker for container management.

Our Database management experts take a responsibility for managing your clusters in AWS and provide full time support and 100% SLA to your database platform.

We understand our customers needs with respect to cost optimization. We help in capacity planning and costing. Making sure that right services with the right sizing are used with costing alerts and analytics which makes you easy to monitor the charges.


Microsoft Azure

Adil Analytics support Microsoft Azure public cloud by managing scalability and cost efficiency from our system administration, network engineers and cloud engineers. We provide services and support for design, delivery and network infrastructure in Azure. In addition, we monitor and manage the service consumption and help in planning the cost optimization. We scale your services up and down running in Azure to meet your business needs.

(IaaS) Infrastructure as a Service

Ensured Convenience

Want to move on to cloud infrastructure and transform your business?

IaaS may be the way to go, especially if businesses' cloud usage varies, or usage is temporary and/or experimental. AAI offers cloud delivery and Infrastructure as a Service production support by maximizing the utilization of the resource you use to run your business and by giving you access to our cloud support experts. We ensure businesses have flexibility with their cloud services, increasing and decreasing their usage as required, and that they can take advantage of the pay per use basis.

Infrastructure as a Service

Datacenter Upgrade and Hybrid Cloud


Datacenter Upgrade

Data centers are identified by Tier. The amount of redundancy that is built into the infrastructure describes the tier level of data center. We understand the special requirements whether you want to build a new data center or update an existing facility, our talented expertise provide you strategy that meets your needs for your business.


Hybrid Cloud

Adil Analytics provides the solutions for the data center that are at the core of cloud computing and deploying hybrid strategy by connecting on and off premise resources.

Our open-stack orchestration layer delivers full hybrid cloud enabling 24x7 support and many other use cases within minutes at any scale. We offer flexibility, security and reliability for hybrid clouds.