Solutions and Deployment

Apache Spark

Apache Spark is an effective open source tool that enables streaming of analytics and is capable of analyzing today’s vast and growing patient/doctor data. It provides the agility to process large amounts of data faster and more accurately.


Because the platform is transforming rapidly, we use Node.js as it uses the same language at both front end and back end, allowing developers to spend less time on rewriting code.


We at AAI manage large volumes of data and complexity machine to machine, which requires successful deployment of IoT analytics. By connecting several devices together on a network, data sharing and synchronized data becomes effective and can be a useful asset for businesses to have.

We have expertise in some other important tools like; Micro-strategy, Tableau, OBIEE, Reporting & Analytic Tools, IBM Cognos, BI Publisher, Jaspersoft, and Talend.

Our deep understanding of Digital Transformation gives us an ability to qualify a digital expert team with our methodology, platform and deliverable transformation.

Robotic Process Automation


We have a great understanding of managing processes and records which automates your workflow to a completely greater scale. With automatic workflows your employees are often notified of any pending works, which prevents unnecessary bottle necking of approval workflows.

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Dev Sec Ops


Dev Ops is the unique combination of an operations team and a development team to achieve the most efficient deployment and continuous updating of the application life-cycle. Without an effective Dev Ops team, the development, testing, and production of applications can be greatly hindered, and deadlines will suffer. Adil Analytics provides support and manages the complete Dev Ops life-cycle following the culture of Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Testing (CT), and Continuous Delivery (CD). CI is concerned with automating builds, while CT includes Unit testing, and finally CD which constitutes of application delivery pipelines across all the different environments.

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AI & Machine Learning


Adil Analytics team has been built and structured to deliver value at a faster rate of speed. Our best performing team adopts many of the key principles of ML and AI. This means we have collected advanced technologies that allows machines to sense and act.

We are excelled in these technologies which helps your organization in improving productivity and lower costs.

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Data Analytics & Reporting


The term big data applies to a volume of data of any size from terabytes to zettabytes and whose type is difficult to manage, capture and process. Big data comes from network files, log files, social media etc. By analyzing big data, businesses can gain beneficial information to better inform themselves of future business decisions. Big data analytics can reveal patterns and trends, allowing businesses to know what their customers want, and efficiency and marketing can greatly improve in the long run. Big data is one of the keys in succeeding or achieving a competitive edge in today's market.

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management & security

We offer various governance solutions to maintain organization structures, proper user permissions, and optimal security, without compromising flexibility. Governance is a key aspect of any application or digital product, and we take it very seriously at Adil Analytics.

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