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Working at Adil Analytics

Prospective Employee Benefits

"We Value Our Employees"

Adil Analytics strongly believes that “Employees are the greatest Assets of the Company.” It is our responsibility to ensure working at Adil Analytics gives the greatest confidence that “You are in Good Hands” by providing Comprehensive Benefits Packages.




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Health Insurance

Medical, Dental & Vision
We all know, being healthy and maintenence of good health of the family is the highest priority of our life.

Having health insurance provides the Peace of Mind for the costs involved in achieving that goal. Adil Analytics offers group Health Coverage, with the help of our Health Care service provider, to the employees and their eligible dependents. There is NO WAITING PERIOD to be eligible for the group coverage offered by Adil Analytics. All Full-time employees will have the coverage from the First day of employment with the Company, if they choose to enroll in health coverage offered by Adil Analytics. Employees can select the plan that best suits their needs from the available plan options. Our HR department will provide detailed information on the Service Providers, Plan Options, Coverage information and Company Contributions as part of the on-boarding process.

Life Insurance and AD&D

Life is full of surprises and unknowns. Insuring the life's unexpected events will ease the burden on our loved ones.

Basic Life Insurance: In the event that you pass away, will your family be financially protected? The cost of things like burial or cremation and funeral expenses as well as debt and day to day living costs can weigh heavily on families who have lost a loved one. Life insurance can help lessen the financial burden to the beneficiary by providing a spectrum of death benefit protection.

AD&D (Accidental Death & Disbursement) Insurance: AD&D provides benefits due to certain injuries or death from an accident. The covered injuries or death can occur up to one year after that accident.

We are proud to say, we offer Basic Life and AD&D Insurance coverage to our employees at NO COST to the employees.




Life Insurance




Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance

Long-term and Short-term Disability
Disability Insurance helps guard your income and lifestyle from unexpected interruptions during your working years.

Disability coverage can ease the burden of lost income or wages while you recover from an accident or illness. It helps to prevent the depletion of savings or being forced to sell investments at an inopportune time to raise cash for living expenses.

Long Term Disability: Long-term disability insurance pays you a portion of your earnings if you miss time at work because of a disabling illness or injury in the event of a disability lasting six months or longer.

Short Term Disability: Short-term disability insurance pays you a portion of your earnings if you miss time at work because of a disabling illness or injury in the event of a disability lasting less than six months or so.

We understand the importance of having the adequate disability coverage during these challenging situations and we are happy to let you know that Adil Analytics provides both Long-Term and Short-Term Disability Insurance Coverages to our employees at NO COST to the employees. And there is NO WAITING PERIOD required to take advantage of the company sponsored Disability Insurance Coverage

For detailed information on the benefits coverage and current service provider please contact the HR department.

Critical Illness

Critical illness insurance can help the Covered person pay for unexpected medical and non-medical expenses, if diagnosed with critical illness such as cancer or a heart attack or stroke etc.

With the help of critical illness insurance policy, if you are diagnosed with a qualifying critical illness, you will be paid a lump sum of cash (policy coverage amount). This cash payment can be used to pay for costs such as the following:

  • Insurance out-of-pocket costs
  • Medical treatments
  • Prescription drugs
  • Living expenses
  • Transportation to medical facilities
  • At-home medical care etc.

Adil Analytics offers all full-time employees the Critical Illness Insurance, at NO COST to the employees and there is NO WAITING PERIOD required to be eligible for the company sponsored Critical Illness Coverage

HR manger will provide the details on the present coverage limits and service provider, upon request or during onboarding process








Critical Illness

Retirement Plan

Achieving financial security for your future is not just a matter of how much you earn, but more importantly, it's a matter of how much you save…

Paid Time Off

Employees need work – life balance. Vacation time-off is one key to maintaining this balance.

Adil Analytics offers Paid Time Off (PTO), providing you with the flexibility to use your time off from work to meet your personal needs, without losing pay. You will accumulate a specified amount of PTO each pay period worked and it is up to you to allocate how you will use it. You can use PTO days for vacation, illness, caring for dependents, school activities, medical/dental appointments, leave, personal business or emergencies. The number of PTOs earned will depend on your length of your service with the Company.

For more information on the accrual rates, time off for jury duty or bereavement leave and the carry over policies please contact HR department.



Paid Time Off




Paid Holidays

Paid Holidays

Holidays give the best opportunity to have fun with family & friends and getting paid during holidays doubles the fun.

Adil Analytics observes the following holidays:
New Year's Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day

These are few of the many benefits Adil Analytics offers to its full-time employees. Please contact the HR department for more current benefits related information.

Adil Analytics reserves the right to change its benefits and policies at any time. Please contact HR for the latest.