We help your development teams to setup application prototypes to deploy within minutes and operate at a rapid rate.

We at AAI, manage large volumes of data and complexity, machine to machine, which requires successful deployment of IoT analytics. By connecting several devices together on a network, data sharing and synchronized data becomes effective and can be a useful asset for businesses to have.

Enterprises can expect deployment of new applications, as well as security, maintenance, and extended features for existing applications. We also help provide automated data and on-boarding from many sources.

As an IoT provider, we meet the highest privacy standards and modern security to ensure there are no security breaches at any point in an application.

Data Processing

Adil Analytics data processing solutions provide accurate reports, statistical testing and analysis. Our complete data processing service helps you in increasing your productivity, improving consistency, keeping your data files up-to date, saving money and boosting response rates.

IoT Device Management

Managing multiple embedded devices could be difficult with many physical and virtual interfaces. We at Adil Analytics offer an IoT device management solution which controls many connected devices with secure and monitoring options. Other benefits of this solution include:

Easy to scale and control many number of devices

Connect and disconnect devices

Locate and monitor the devices

IoT Apps & Analytics

With Adil IoT Analytics solutions, you could manage your IoT analytics, secure your data & cloud facilities, and even take real time business decision even better. We analyze the IoT data to deliver the personalized services to customers based on their requirements. It helps our healthcare customers in heart monitoring, tracking data flowing from fitness trackers, and many other connected wearable devices help doctors to monitor patients' activities even better.