Mobile Development

Mobile technologies are becoming ever more important for on-demand information in a mobile-friendly world. Sites cannot only function on a desktop or laptop in this day and age; they must be accessible regardless of where and how users access the web. You need mobile websites or mobile apps for your Android, Windows or iOS phone, and we can help you in implementing and distributing it. We ensure you receive the most intuitive, user-friendly experience across all platforms.
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Mobile Website designs
Big Data bar chart

Data Analytics & Reporting

Instant info
The term big data applies to a volume of data of any size from terabytes to zettabytes and whose type is difficult to manage, capture and process. Big data comes from network files, log files, social media etc. By analyzing big data, businesses can gain beneficial information to better inform themselves of future business decisions. Big data analytics can reveal patterns and trends, allowing businesses to know what their customers want, and efficiency and marketing can greatly improve in the long run. Big data is one of the keys in succeeding or achieving a competitive edge in today's market.
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Cloud Managed Services

Extensible Solutions

Experience the best impact of cloud computing with AAI. We guarantee that utilizing cloud computing effectively will cut down costs, increase computing speeds, and provide more flexibility to businesses. AAI’s ability to develop once and extend it on both the private and public cloud is much faster. Our team sets up and maintains our cloud datacenters as quickly and securely as possible to ensure maximum benefit with little to no disadvantages.

Operating in the cloud enables AAI to deliver services on SaaS, PaaS and IaaS to make applications work in the most efficient way possible.

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Man drawing cloud with computations
Tablet with User Experience

UX Process

User-first focus

UX process depends on a various number of factors like project, client, budget, deadlines and the experts involved.

There are a number of ways to use the techniques of a UX designer.

But our experts follow the following model:

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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)


Want to move on to cloud infrastructure and transform your business?

IaaS may be the way to go, especially if your business' cloud usage varies, or usage is temporary and/or experimental. AAI offers cloud delivery and Infrastructure as a Service production support by maximizing the utilization of the resources you use to run your business and by giving you access to our cloud support experts. We ensure businesses have flexibility with their cloud services, increasing and decreasing their usage as required, and that they can take advantage of the pay per use basis.

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Tablet monitoring network
Team working together using dev ops

Dev Sec Ops


Dev Ops is the unique combination of an operations team and a development team to achieve the most efficient deployment and continuous updating of the application life-cycle. Without an effective Dev Ops team, the development, testing, and production of applications can be greatly hindered, and deadlines will suffer. Adil Analytics provides support and manages the complete Dev Ops life-cycle following the culture of Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Testing (CT), and Continuous Delivery (CD). CI is concerned with automating builds, while CT includes Unit testing, and finally CD which constitutes of application delivery pipelines across all the different environments.

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Data Center Modernization

The world is talking about smarter data center facilities and collaborating to achieve efficient data center management. With the rapid pace of the business world, we understand the need for speed and efficiency, and by transforming data centers using the most modern, industry-standard technologies, we can help businesses achieve their goals. We at Adil Analytics bring you world class solutions for your flexibility and efficiency throughout your organization, using technologies such as virtualization and continuous delivery.
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Server rack colored lights
Various tech connected to each other

Internet of Things (IoT)

Adil Analytics IoT services help organizations with all the key capabilities needed to build IoT applications from A-Z. With great IoT experience, we help companies with strategic approaches based on the principles of Design Thinking and a human-centric method to transform the technology. AAI takes a stepping stone ahead so that your business can leverage IoT opportunities.
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AI & Machine Learning

Added Productivity

Adil Analytics team has been built and structured to deliver value at a faster rate of speed. Our best performing team adopts many of the key principles of ML and AI. This means we have collected advanced technologies that allows machines to sense and act.

We are excelled in these technologies which helps your organization in improving productivity and lower costs.

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AI "Brain" learning different things
Lock on a circuit board

Security & Compliance


Without proper cyber security, all sensitive data could be breached, and a business could be put in severe risk. Here at AAI, we are in continuous efforts to provide advanced cyber security services that can protect end-to-end from unauthorized access, changes, or manipulation of data. We help our clients in assessing risk and guarding valuable assets. Our services include:

  • Security testing
  • Security controls
  • Governance and Compliance
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Consulting Services

Adil Analytics also provides staffing services for businesses in need to alleviate the early stages of starting up a business as well as potential staffing shortages.

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