Web Redesign

Adil Analytics is knowledgeable in redesigning professional, responsive websites using the most cutting edge in web development technology.

Agile Scrum

Agile methodology has become a standard practice in IT industries. We manage and support Agile Scrum methodology to our clients by following the best industry practices with utmost efficiency.


We organize your flow of work items by managing WIP. We help in visualizing and monitoring your work on a Kanban board.


Our Scrum teams are working on a mature hybrid product of Scrum and Kanban. We make your job easy and make sure you have a continuous flow of work.

Mobile Development

Mobile technologies are becoming ever more important for on-demand information in a mobile-friendly world. Sites cannot only function on a desktop or laptop in this day and age; they must be accessible regardless of where and how users access the web. You need mobile websites or mobile apps for your Android, Windows or iOS phone, and we can help you in implementing and distributing it. We ensure you receive the most intuitive, user-friendly experience across all platforms.
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Mobile Website designs
Tablet with User Experience

UX Process

User-first focus

UX process depends on a various number of factors like project, client, budget, deadlines and the experts involved.

There are a number of ways to use the techniques of a UX designer.

But our experts follow the following model:

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Cloud Development and Infrastructure Setup

Business Intelligence

AAI delivers excellent business intelligence solutions. These solutions help businesses to enhance user engagement through data repositories with support of data visualization tools. Our solutions come with 100% compatibility across applications. It optimizes end to end analytical activity for better performance.
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Business Intelligence Brainstorm
Process Automation written on gears


We have a great understanding of managing processes and records which automates your workflow to a completely greater scale. With automatic workflows your employees are often notified of any pending works, which prevents unnecessary bottle necking of approval workflows.
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Re-imagining data centers

Data center virtualization has transformed the traditional data center approach. Virtualization offers everything that an on-site system offers, but is more secure and less expensive.

At AAI, we understand the need of setting up virtual data centers for your business operations. With the power of virtualization, we have extended to software-defined storage and software-defined networking, which helps us in offering a unified virtualization service for your business.

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Desktops connected to the cloud
Team working together using dev ops

Dev Ops

Dev Ops is the unique combination of an operations team and a development team to achieve the most efficient deployment and continuous updating of the application life-cycle. Without an effective Dev Ops team, the development, testing, and production of applications can be greatly hindered, and deadlines will suffer. Adil Analytics provides support and manages the complete Dev Ops life-cycle following the culture of Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Testing (CT), and Continuous Delivery (CD). CI is concerned with automating builds, while CT includes Unit testing, and finally CD which constitutes of application delivery pipelines across all the different environments.
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Digital Transformation


Digital technologies are impacting every IT organization. The need for digital transformation gives solutions to the complex problems organizations currently face.

AAI helps clients in implementing Digital Transformation with unique technology architecture. We are experts in moving healthcare towards a digital environment.

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Person turning knob from "paper" to "digital"