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Sr. Software Engineer

Posted on 4/18/2024


Analyze and plan the application utilizing management tools like as JIRA, Confluence, and ADO to plan and track tasks; Experience in application integrations LIKE SOAP/REST Web Services, ESB, JMS, File/Data transfers, Troubleshoot for build errors, resolve dependency conflicts, and manage complex configurations; Utilize bundlers such as Webpack, Gulp, Grunt, Maven, and Gradle to troubleshoot build errors, resolve dependency conflicts, manage complex configurations, optimize build performance, and adapt to evolving project requirements; Manage complicated deployments, enhance performance and cost effectiveness, handle serverless architecture difficulties, and secure access and data (ECR, ECS, S3, CloudWatch, EFS, ParameterStore, Secrets Manager, and Certificate Manager); Develop automated test scripts Using Jest, React Testing Library (RTL), Cucumber, and Selenium UI scripting...
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