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Outpacing Competitors


IT Application Modernization


Adil Analytics provides platform-as-a-service solutions to ease your app development life cycle. Our PaaS services aim to:

  • Provide high available infrastructure
  • Reduce complexity
  • Reduce cost

Cloud Computing

Extensible Solutions

Experience the best impact of cloud computing with AAI. We guarantee that utilizing cloud computing effectively will cut down costs, increase computing speeds, and provide more flexibility to businesses. AAI’s ability to develop once and extend it on both the private and public cloud is much faster. Our team sets up and maintains our cloud datacenters as quickly and securely as possible to ensure maximum benefit with little to no disadvantages.

Operating in the cloud enables AAI to deliver services on SaaS, PaaS and IaaS to make applications work in the most efficient way possible.

Cloud Computing

(IaaS) Infrastructure as a Service

Ensured Convenience

Want to move on to cloud infrastructure and transform your business?

IaaS may be the way to go, especially if businesses' cloud usage varies, or usage is temporary and/or experimental. AAI offers cloud delivery and Infrastructure as a Service production support by maximizing the utilization of the resource you use to run your business and by giving you access to our cloud support experts. We ensure businesses have flexibility with their cloud services, increasing and decreasing their usage as required, and that they can take advantage of the pay per use basis.

Infrastructure as a Service


Digitizing Hardware


Data center virtualization has transformed the traditional approach. Virtualization offers everything that an on-site system offers but is more secured and less expensive.

At AAI, we understand the need of setting up virtual data centers for your business operations. With the power of virtualization, we have extended to software-defined storage and software defined networking which helps us in offering a unified virtualization service for your business.

Dev Ops

Dev Ops

Supporting a project

DevOps is the unique combination of an operations team and the development team to achieve the most efficient deployment and continuous updating of the application lifecycle. Without an effective DevOps team, the development, testing, and production of applications can be greatly hindered, and deadlines will suffer. Adil Analytics provides support and manages the complete DevOps life cycle following the culture of Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Testing (CT), Continuous Delivery (CD). CI is concerned with automating builds while CT includes Unit testing and finally CD which constitutes of application delivery pipelines across all the different environments.

IT Infrastructure Modernization

Datacenter Upgrade and Hybrid Cloud


Datacenter Upgrade

Data centers are identified by Tier. The amount of redundancy that is built into the infrastructure describes the tier level of data center. We understand the special requirements whether you want to build a new data center or update an existing facility, our talented expertise provide you strategy that meets your needs for your business.


Hybrid Cloud

Adil Analytics provides the solutions for the data center that are at the core of cloud computing and deploying hybrid strategy by connecting on and off premise resources.

Our open-stack orchestration layer delivers full hybrid cloud enabling 24x7 support and many other use cases within minutes at any scale. We offer flexibility, security and reliability for hybrid clouds.

Fluid Resource Pool

Fluid resource pool enables customers to instantly boot up infrastructure ready to run physical, virtual and containerized applications.

Adil Analytics, a partner of HPE, leverages fluid resource pools, software defined intelligence and a unified API to provide your organization to optimize the right mix of traditional IT and private cloud resources.

Workforce Modernization


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure that hosts an operating system on a centralized server in data center. Adil Analytics being a technology partner with HPE And VMWare provides a solution which can meet the demands of your business. Our solution also takes care of the key challenges with respect to VDI such as performance, complexity and security.

Our clients are benefited by:

  • 24x7 monitoring and managing services
  • Off-site backups
  • Storage management
  • 0% downtime through load balancing and redundant systems
  • Secure access to application from anywhere and any device

Unified communications

We know that your business runs better with the unified communications. Our UC teams are experienced in designing and impending the solutions which enables to improve your employees’ communication from anywhere and anytime, improves productivity and reduces costs with managing your legacy phone connections.